Thursday, June 18, 2009

18 June

Chapter 6 con't.
Dr. Seward's Diary

18 June—He has turned his mind now to spiders, and has got several very big fellows in a box. He keeps feeding them his flies, and the number of the latter is becoming sensibly diminished, although he has used half his food in attracting more flies from outside to his room.


Matthew Coniam said...

Regretfully I came late to this, but I'm loving it now... such a clever idea; it works really well.

Rachel said...

Because it's updating in real time I am actually getting genuinely anxious about about what's going to happen next. I hope the diary entries start to speed up again..?

And who is this freaky spider guy - what's next birds to eat the spiders?

(I haven't read this before so no spoilers please - those were hetorical questions!)