Friday, June 5, 2009

5 June

Chapter 6 con't.
Dr. Seward's Diary

5 June—The case of Renfield grows more interesting the more I get to understand the man. He has certain qualities very largely developed, selfishness, secrecy, and purpose.

I wish I could get at what is the object of the latter. He seems to have some settled scheme of his own, but what it is I do not know. His redeeming quality is a love of animals, though, indeed, he has such curious turns in it that I sometimes imagine he is only abnormally cruel. His pets are of odd sorts.

Just now his hobby is catching flies. He has at present such a quantity that I have had myself to expostulate. To my astonishment, he did not break out into a fury, as I expected, but took the matter in simple seriousness. He thought for a moment, and then said, "May I have three days? I shall clear them away." Of course, I said that would do. I must watch him.


CrazyCris said...

I hadn't realised Dracula took place over such a long period of time... I wish these characters would write in their journals/letters more often!!!

Peripatetic said...

The pace picks up.

Maddog said...

Not to complain but I was wondering if in addition to the day the title could include who is writing that day. I want to go back and read Dr. Seward's other entries but will have to hunt for them. If his name was in the title I could easily find them in the RSS feed. Just a thought.

Kukla said...

The hunt is best part. Quick to the RSS feeds! The game is afoot!

Ryan said...

How did we go from chapter 4 to chapter 6?

Whitney Sorrow said...

Because of how Stoker organized the chapters, the book does jump backwards and forwards in the timeline of events. Chapter 4 is primarily Dr. Harker's journal entries, while Chapter 5 is diary entries and letters between other characters. The dates do overlap. When you read the book you jump around in time, so to speak... When you read the blog, you jump around within the book. Does this make sense?